Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blogging...a new public sphere?

With the emergence of many blogging programs like this one, many issues that were once left to the private lives of individuals have now become the public. We have recreated what information is deemed to be kept private and what is released publicly. "Citizens act as a public when they deal with matter of general interest without being subject to coercion; thus with the guarantee that they may assemble and unite freely, and express and publicize their options’ freely"- Habermas (2003). This theory of Habermas states that as a public, blogging has allowed us to communicate freely, free of control and pursasion over what is appropriate and what is not. As a new form of online communication, blogs have turned the private conversation into a public one. We are no longer afraid to hid concerns about our social institutions and provide valuable information for the rest of the population; no matter how controversial. There are blogging sites, such as, creating a community for hacktivists on the internet. A support system for those people around the globe that share the same view on digital activism. Without the introduction of the blog, i feel many issues which have been brought up recently would not exist. It is more dangerous that the citizen journalist has more say, or is society finally realizing all of the issue that they were too afraid to express?

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